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About Shipping Plaza

Shipping plaza ( SPZ) is an unique portal that AFFILIATE EVERYTHING related to SHIPPING & LOGISTICS enabling users to acquire desired information in a click of button.

When it comes to global shipping and logistics, speed and efficiency is paramount to keeping customers happy and business running smoothly? But traditionally, finding the right service provider for every stage of the delivery chain has been a costly and time-consuming proposition. Until now.

Shipping Plaza is an innovative online network that brings together shipping vendors worldwide into a single platform. As a result, shippers and exporters have more intelligent logistics options right at their fingertips, while smaller shipping businesses get the chance to promote their services to a targeted audience and develop partner networks based on their needs.

Want global exposure for your shipping business? Listing your business on Shipping Plaza is absolutely free and takes just a few minutes.Join now.

Searching for shipping-related services? Search our Member Directory to find the right provider for your needs.

About Us

At Shipping Plaza, we know that moving goods across the delivery chain requires diverse expertise and skills. Our mission is to enable small and medium-sized, privately owned shipping and logistics companies to be identified based on their core capabilities and reputation—rather than their size. This gives them the rare opportunity to step forward into the global marketplace, where they can acquire new customers and grow their business.

What Benefits Does Shipping Plaza Provide?

For Shipping Business Owners: If you’re an Entrepreneur (Broker, Buyer, Seller, Service Provider, Charterer, Owner, Operator & Manufacturer – of Shipping & Logistics Related Product) Shipping Plaza gives you broad exposure to a worldwide audience. Membership in our network is free, and allows you to create a customized profile that highlights your company’s areas of expertise. Those searching for shipping services in your locality will be able to find your profile and contact you immediately.

For the Public: Shipping Plaza saves time and money for those in search of shipping services providers and suppliers. Our website brings together premier shipping and logistics companies from across the globe, each with their own focused specialization. Users can do a search based on location and service needed - all in just a few clicks!

Shipping Plaza is a neutral organization with no stake or involvement in any shipping or forwarding companies, and we do not provide forwarding activity. Rather, we are here with a simple purpose: to make it quick and easy to find the right shipping and logistics provider at the right location.

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